With its Algorithms, Advalo detects purchase intention

Written by Thibaut PIRIOU LE LAN on Dec 10, 2018 3:16:35 PM
By properly handling data and artificial intelligence, the company Advalo  helps retailers better understand the customer journey and buying habits of their customers. Moreover, they recently received the 2018 Pass French Tech for the second year in a row.

"Presently, consumers are over-solicited, but would prefer not to be.” - David Le Douarin.

Olivier Marc and David Le Douarin founded Advalo in 2014. The company works in particular on the valuation of countless data which companies accumulate on their customers. The purpose: better understand their purchase intentions.

In effect,it’s no longer a question of sending mass advertising. "The essential goal for our brands who want to generate traffic is to understand each consumer and speak to them in a individualized way, says David Le Douarin. This creates a lasting impactful relationship between the brand and the customer. "

Advalo, which refers to itself as "the first retail and automotive individualized marketing platform",uses data and artificial intelligence to develop an algorithm that specifically determines the key moment when consumers are ready to purchase. Advalo also collaborates with about 40 retailers (Goal, Cyrillus, Cache-Cache, Devred and Seat, Skoda, Jean-Rouyer Automotive).

Acclaimed Significant Growth

Advalo won the Pass French Tech for the second year in a row. Launched in 2014, this national program supports companies: the pearls of French Tech who are selected for their hypergrowth and individualism through profitability. Five levers make up this intricate range of services: financing, international arena, innovation, business development and visibility. The much anticipated 2018 promotion had 101 companies.

We are profoundly delighted, smiles David Le Douarin, to have it two years in a row is rather rare. It concretizes all the efforts made to create Advalo. If a company prefers not to disclose its value through turnover, it simply means that it is, very "significant", and has doubled.

On the other side of the Atlantic

Advalo does not intend to stop there. In November, it raised five million euros from SGPA, Vasgos, West Web Valley and banking partners. The goal: strengthen its position in France before going international.

"We want to structure our base team in France, which is solidified, says David Le Douarin. It is thanks to our French team that we even exist, and that we succeed in developing the very best products and creating a positive relationship with our customers. From there, we will start building our presence in the international arena and the American market beginning in 2019. "

To support its development, Advalo is recruiting 20 unique individuals by the end of this year. They will consist of sales, marketers, engineers, and data scientists. " Seeking talent naturally goes hand in hand with growth," says the founder. Today Advalo has around 50 employees in its offices located in Rennes and in Paris.

This article has been published on Ouest-France.fr  on November 2018.


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