Which trends await the automotive sector?

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Aug 1, 2019 4:22:59 PM

According to the "Drive" study, conducted by Kantar TNS and 366, the automotive sector is still focusing on a very concession-oriented buying path, without, however, overshadowing the digital dimension of the past two years.

The automotive revolution is underway, with more and more connectivity and services in an environment that tends to give more and more space to electric. During the restitution of the "Drive", a study conducted by the 366 and Kantar TNS management, the focus is on mobility: "The emergence of new actors (Uber, Blablacar) aspires to draw a new hierarchy and invites traditional groups to redouble their ingenuity: More connected vehicles, more autonomous, more intuitive, is the trend of tomorrow, "says Guillaume Saint, Global Automotive Lead at Kantar TNS.

Digital is nibbling, but concessions remain strong

The study conducted in early September around more than 3,000 buyers of new cars confirms the previous report of 2016, namely that the physical point of sale remains a major element of the purchase of a vehicle, even if the digital nibble of field: 42% of the buyers were influenced by the visit of a concession, 35% having tried the expected vehicle and 27% whose decision of the spouse had a non negligible part.

Other elements complement this data: the physical point of sale is the first point of contact for the purchase (41%), followed by the entourage (28%) and Internet (17%): "If there is to a new entrant who is digital, the share of the physical point of sale is preponderant, "said Bruno Ricard, Deputy Director General marketing, studies and communication at 366, whether to try the vehicle (35%), to negotiate the sale price (28%) or, still, to finalize the purchase (31%).

Automobile ROI remains powerful

Four trends have been identified for next year: "We are in a context where there will be more hybridization, conviviality, showroom and multi-service space", continues Bruno Ricard. Because, the concession remains an essential passage: 61% of the buyers of new cars place the concession in the decisive elements of their purchase path. To allow the visit in concession, media advertising is essential with 38%, followed by trade shows (Automobile show) at 28% and e-mails at 14%.

The digital age is confirmed on a large scale: 31% of new car buyers place the Internet in the decisive elements of their purchasing journey, close to a buyer in five places Internet as an entry point into his purchasing journey and automotive choice.  Online search is predominant since 84% of buyers have made an appointment in concession, following their Internet consultation.

The ROI of the automobile is still at the rendezvous, driven by a powerful PQR, where 54% of the interviewees stated that the automotive advertisements in PQR make you want to go to the concession: "There are several factors that explain why The automotive sector is still on the rise: powerful campaigns, a boosted call to action, through the 16% of the interviewed interviewees who say that they intend to learn about the brand following the campaign. impactors, including 4-page notebooks that guarantee a valued share of value, "concludes Bruno Ricard.

Article taken from emarketing.fr written by Thomas Loisel

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