[WEBINAR] " "Data, AI and individualized marketing: The keys to increasing ROI of your marketing campaigns during business recovery" with a testimonial from Cyrillus

Written by Zoé Baillieux on May 4, 2020 11:39:13 AM

The recovery is unquestionably shaping up to be a crucial moment for retailers, who will have to act with accuracy and relevance in order to stand out from the crowd and emerge from the prevailing turmoil.

By taking full advantage of their data thanks to artificial intelligence, the Cyrillus brand can implement individualized marketing action plans that will allow them to solicit each individual in a relevant way and quickly generate sales on the website and in-store.

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Thanks to the testimony of Cécile Delaby, Marketing, Prospection and Customer Loyalty Manager at Cyrillus and concrete examples of individualized campaigns set up by the marketing teams of the brand, discover the keys to effectively renew the relationship with your customers and accelerate the ROI of your campaigns as soon as business resumes:   

1 - Maintain the connection and remain relevant in their mind

-> Identify the most relevant themes and products to offer them 

2 - Generate qualified traffic as soon as business is resumed by activating the CRM database in a relevant way.

-> Find physical customers on digital to increase their contactability and their value. 

-> Capitalize on AI to identify the right pretenses for solicitation in order to make them react

-> Propose the products they are most likely to be interested in thanks to predictive models

3- Detect and monitor purchase intentions 

-> Detect and qualify on-site visitors' purchase intentions 

-> Identifying intending buyers through data reconciliation 

-> Accompany them at all points of contact up to conversion with individualized content and relevant product recommendations

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David Le Douarin - Co-founder - Advalo

Cécile Delaby - Marketing, prospection & customer loyalty manager - Cyrillus

Topics: Retail, Predictive Marketing, individualized marketing, Webinar, CRM

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