[Video] AWS & Advalo | Olivier Marc, founder and CEO of Advalo interview

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 4, 2020 11:22:23 AM

During an interview with AWS as part of the "Startup Moments”, the founders tell all series, Olivier Marc, co-founder of Advalo focuses on the collaboration between Advalo and AWS and gave his advice on managing a fast-growing business.

He shares his advice on : 

  • Idea Generation
  • Product Creation
  • Team Building
  • Fostering Growth
  • Funding

    Oliver Marc goes on to say how Advalo is helping brands increase their sales by transforming the way they acquire and retain their customers through artificial intelligence. Advalo is developing an individualized marketing platform that allows retailers to move from mass marketing to marketing that is precisely focused on consumers.

    And that how a solution must be found to a identified problem. In Advalo's case, it was to find out that marketers had marketing campaign return rates which were close to 1%, or 99% was considered perhaps wasted.

    Olivier marc responds to the question how does today's technology and/or artificial intelligence know-how to provide answers?

    He responds by saying "Precisely in relation to these challenges which are always to make full use of acquisition and loyalty. But how can we do better with less? The challenge is how to reconcile: immediate benefits and long-term vision. So from a long-term vision, we know how to create a product that will gradually develop whilst checking ROI objective boxes."

    The interview comes to a sweet full stop after Oliver describes their "love story" with AWS. 

    "AWS is part of the ADVALO story. From the start, we wanted to choose a partner who could both provide an immediate response in terms of technology and who would be able to support the development of the structure or the growth at any time of the structure. And today AWS brings precisely a capacity for innovation which allows us to offer products that are precisely at the forefront of artificial intelligence exploitation."

Find the full video interview here below

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