Valentine's Day : 6 data-driven practices that will make you fall in love with your performance reports

Written by Clément Lacroix on Feb 7, 2020 10:06:03 AM

Regardless of your sector of activity, discover our selection of 6 data-driven best practices that will make you fall in love with your performance reports.

Valentine's Day is undoubtedly an indispensable activity high point for many players in the retail, lingerie, ready-to-wear, watchmaking, jewelry, flowers, and travel sector. Each year on February 14th, millions of couples celebrate their love by offering each other gifts and experiences for two. 

Valentine’s Day, an ideal pretense

This is a golden opportunity and an ideal pretense for brands who must seize this opportunity to deploy adapted marketing actions that will appeal to lovers looking for the ideal gift.

By capitalizing on insights found in the data, retailers are able to individualize their campaigns, offer the most relevant product recommendations and significantly boost the results of their marketing actions while enhancing the commercial standing of the company.


Today, artificial intelligence models represent tremendous levers to increase both productivity and the efficiency of marketing teams and offer them the possibility of achieving unrivaled campaign targeting finesse, communications and content pushed to each consumer.

Supported by AI, it is by building on all existing data (whether it comes from CRM tools or individuals online browsing) that retailers can trigger a commercial dynamic that will really generate value.

Whether it means taking advantage of this moment to develop customer loyalty or reconnecting with inactive customers, the relevance of an individualized action plan will definitely help retailers achieve qualified traffic on their website and take charge of consumers’ purchase intentions who are on the lookout for gifts, as quickly as possible, and in the most appropriate way. 

Of course, our main goal is to accompany each individual in the most relevant way up until conversion with your brand instead of with a competitor.

Discover some best practices to implement for your Valentine's Day operations below:



Lingerie example

Use this time to develop customer loyalty

1 - Individualize your Valentine’s Day Newsletters
Capitalize on AI to individualize your newsletters and associate audience precision with product recommendation impact: strengthen customer relationships and boost activity.


2 - Increase loyalty program reach on social networks

Encourage customers who are members of your loyalty program to take advantage of their available benefits by highlighting the reduction they benefit from on social networks


Travel example

3 - Use AI to offer the best weekend getaway ideas to inactive customers

Inspire your customers who have not yet made a purchase this year with romantic weekend ideas by offering them highly personalized travel recommendations.

Assemble in a target audience the individuals who reserved a short trip for Valentine's Day in previous periods, but still have not reserved this year

AI models leverage the different types of data to identify the most relevant travel recommendations for each individual included in the audience : 



Watchmaking example

Detect and qualify on-site visitors purchase intention immediately

Through the implementation of a scoring model, AI detects and qualifies on-site visitors purchase intention and gives you all the keys to accompany them in a relevant manner all the way until a purchase.


4 -Ultra-personalized reminders sent after the visit

Rebound post-navigation, relaunch abandoned baskets .. Stimulate each intending buyer by sending them a personalized email according to the product that sparked their interest and capitalize on recommendation models to offer products closest to their desires.


5 - Be present on all points of contact along their customer journey

By building an audience of your intending buyers, you can target them on Google and social networks to be able to interact with them at the right moment on all points of contact.

- Position yourself on strategic keywords related to Valentine’s Day gifts
adjust the budget allocated to intending buyers and control your CPA.

- Find your customers on Facebook and Instagram and be present throughout the decision-making process, on points of contact where marketing pressure is less felt.


6 - Optimize your retargeting campaigns

Online/Offline data reconciliation lets you know which online visitors made a purchase in a physical location: you can thereby optimize retargeting actions relevance and ROI.

- Improve relevance
by excluding from your recommendations the products already purchased in-store by the individual

 - Control marketing pressure
by excluding from your retargeting campaigns customers who have just made an in-store purchase

- More freedom for investments
By excluding your “hottest” intending buyers from your campaigns you avoid unnecessary spending to reach individuals who will not need to be retargeted to finalize their purchase



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