The Customer Journey in the Omnichannel era

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jul 29, 2019 2:15:56 PM

Omnichannel is now a reality for a majority of consumers. If the store remains the favorite selling point of the French, they are today 85% to use digital in parallel, whether to buy or to inquire …

Wide has just released the results of its first unpublished study, in partnership with EBG and Harris Interactive, on optimizing the omni-channel shopping journey.

This study takes stock of the impact of digital technology on the purchasing behavior of the French, current trends and trends for the years to come.

Different physical and digital purchasing paths ... but complementary

From the reinvention of the point of sale to the new ways of buying, our modes of consumption continue to evolve: today, the e-shops (81%) are almost as much considered as channels of purchase that the physical stores ( 98%).

The store remains the favorite point of sale for consumers: 90% of them as a purchasing channel and 41% as an information channel.

Indeed, the "store reflex" is advantageous for everyday purchases such as food products, hygiene and maintenance but also for leisure, high-tech and ready-to-wear.

In the last 12 months, The French have Purchased : 98% in physical stores  81% online

Taken Information: 62% in physical stores  85% online

"There are many "New Retail"devices that allow brands to meet the different expectations of all of their customers, including phygital devices in stores.

These are two essential topics for a brand that wants to develop commercially. "

comment Jérôme Malzac, Innovation Officer at WIDE France

Businesses in phase with consumer usage

The customer journey is no longer linear and is divided into three distinct phases:





If today, digital channels are privileged for the research stage, the final decision is taken in store.

Digital channels, privileged for the research phase, the store for the decision     

                                                Discovery                              Evaluation                        Decision

Points of Contact .              Event                               Site & App                             Point of Sales
Channels                               Press/Media                   Point of Sales                       Point of Sales
Levers                                     Display/Content            Conversational Tech          Payement Method
The discovery of a product or service will be mainly on shows and events (80%), evaluation on the brand owner site (78%) and the decision on the physical point of sale (72%).

"Whether they are pure web players or traditional distributors, professionals want to create a seamless dialogue with their customers throughout the purchase journey.

Conversational commerce is a major lever in optimizing the transformation of brands and uses “

In this context, offering a striking and consistent buying experience has become essential.

Improving the purchasing journey requires a better knowledge of consumers and involves rethinking the user experience and the user interface, two priority areas for brands in 2019 (78%) before personalization (61%) and service. client (43%).

The use of digital tools at the point of sale does not replace humans

The "nomadic" use of the in-store Web extends: half of the French declare, indeed, to have already consulted his smartphone in store "often" or "sometimes" mainly to obtain information on the product (30%), compare prices (29%) or obtain consumer opinions (16%).

In addition, consumers are becoming more aware of new digital services in stores such as interactive kiosks, 51% have already used them to access information on products and stocks available.

50% have French have already consulted their smartphone in store as part of a shopping journey

According to Customers:
1) Learn more about the product 2) Compare prices 3) Get Customer Reviews

According to Professionals:
1)Compare Prices    2) Learn more about the product   3)Get Customer Reviews

Support by an increased salesperson (equipped with a tablet for example) is also one of the new important services for the consumer.

On the perception of other digital services such as voice assistants, NFC devices, touch screens, ... the French are now unconvinced and sensitive. The store remains a physical place where the human can be replaced.

"The objective is to be educational through a clear speech, to accompany the customer throughout the process and optimize the transformation.

For Wide, this form of conversational commerce goes beyond technology (chatbot, voice assistant, messenger ...), paying particular attention to words, messages and the promise offered. "

- adds Antoine de Lasteyrie.

The payment also fits: on the way to biometrics

Although the French do not like payments via pre-recorded bank details (49%) or authentication via voice recognition (68% would not use it), they are 61% to think that biometrics (voice, fingerprint , face) is the future of payment validation.

However, the means of payment most used and most proposed by companies are the same for several years:

     Credit card (97%)

     Cash (93%)

    Check (80%)

Payment methods most used by customers 1) Credit Card 2) Cash 3)Checks

Most offered by professionals:

Online  1) Credit Card 2) Online Payment Platform

Offline 1) Credit Card   2)Check

Innovative way of paying that is most interesting among consumers

1) Contactless Credit Card 2) Online Payment Platform 3) E-Credit Card

Considered by professionals

Online 1) Consumer Credit

Offline 1) Biometric Recognition Payement

The contactless bank card (68%) and the e-CB (61%) attract the most interest among consumers in 2019 as well as online payment platforms (70%).

The service "Amazon Go" and its stores received a mixed reception: 44% of French are reluctant to this concept without boxes, no act of purchase in store and the amount of products is automatically charged to their bank account.

68% French non-users of authentication via voice recognition would probably not or certainly not

42% French people do not appreciate payment via pre-registered bank details

Amazon Go displeases: 44% of French  22% are indifferent

Although fears of safety, lack of human connection and loss of control over the act of purchase are significant, the journey and experience are radically changed.

Article Taken from Co-marketing

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