Omnicanality can save stores from closing down during COVID-19

Written by Zoé Baillieux on May 7, 2020 1:19:56 PM

David Le Douarin, co-founder and CEO of Advalo, discusses how an omnichannel approach can help retailers survive the pandemic.

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[REPLAY - WEBINAR] : How to capitalize on customer value to find sustainable growth

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Mar 4, 2020 5:40:57 PM

As part of its series of conferences "Generating traffic in points of sale", Le Campus invited David Le Douarin, co-founder of Advalo for a webinar focused on the theme: "How to develop customer value to find growth sustainable. "

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[TOY MARKET] Christmas holidays: 8 best data-driven practices to illuminate campaign performance

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Mar 2, 2020 3:02:35 PM

Following poor performance in 2018 and the year 2019 marked by social movements which have greatly slowed down activity, toy market brands are counting more than anything on this key period of activity to catch up in terms of business turnover.

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The Customer Journey in the Omnichannel era

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jul 29, 2019 2:15:56 PM

Omnichannel is now a reality for a majority of consumers. If the store remains the favorite selling point of the French, they are today 85% to use digital in parallel, whether to buy or to inquire …

Wide has just released the results of its first unpublished study, in partnership with EBG and Harris Interactive, on optimizing the omni-channel shopping journey.

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What are the keys to setting up an retail-specific omnichannel strategy?

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jun 18, 2019 3:41:08 PM

For its fifth edition, Paris Retail Week entirely revamped itself. To personalize the customer experience, the event put a brand new thematic program run by eight mentors in place. As recognized experts in their field, they, therefore, will be points of reference for professionals seeking answers to their daily problems.

For retailers, the challenge is no longer to attract consumers online or in stores. It is now imperative to satisfy on all communication channels. But for "online" and "offline" to be in conjunction, it is imperative to establish a complementarity between the different channels, otherwise risk seeing consumer move on to the competition. A difficult exercise that Tatiana Pecanac-Ayel, e-commerce and cross-channel manager at Devred 1902, is undertaking.
She is responsible for fluidifying the customer journey in connection with the ready-to-wear menswear brand outlets. She must constantly analyze customers shopping journey to better meet their expectations. She will attend Paris Retail Week and will discuss these challenges.

The eight issues and eight mentors who shall represent them can be seen at the Porte de Versailles exhibition, in Paris, from September 24-26 2019. This major European event for the entire trade ecosystem will bring together 25,000 professional visitors, from start-ups to major e-commerce brands and retail brands. During the event, e-retailers and retailers will have the opportunity to interact with more than 600 exhibitors and attend 200 conferences to better negotiate and benefit from forthcoming changes in connected commerce.

Article taken from , content realized in partnership with Comexposium

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Advalo's Sunday Guide to NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show

Written by Thibaut PIRIOU LE LAN on Jan 11, 2019 4:14:41 PM

Here is our handpicked agenda to help you get a head start on what exhibits, sessions, ideas and stages to see January 13 at NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show and EXPO.

Also don't  forget to swing by and join us January 15th from 12pm to 3pm for The NRF Debrief New Yorker Lunch, a complimentary lunch buffet, hosted by innovative AI companies Akeneo, iAdvize & TARGET2SELL only a few steps away from the Javits Center at Cachet Boutique Hotel in the Retreat Room, 510 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036-6204

Sunday, January 13

11:45am - 12:15pm
5 Secrets to omnichanel success, Stage 3, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Top brands compete almost solely on the strength of their customer experience. For every brand, that experience means something different.

Discover how leading retail companies like eBay, John Lewis, and Walmart ensure the experiences they provide are flawless across every customer touchpoint, device, and location to grow sales and customer loyalty.

11:45am - 12:15pm
Boosting customer engagement and revenue with AI-driven wireless, Stage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3

AI-driven wireless is a hot trend, with 7 of the top 40 retailers having implemented new networks in the past 6 months to boost customer engagement, drive revenue, and lower OPEX.  In this session, you will hear their stories. Learn how to make Wi-Fi easy to setup, operate, and troubleshoot.  Plus, learn how to deploy new Bluetooth location services without battery beacons, such as store navigation, messages, and analytics.   Your peers are building the store of the future with AI-driven wireless.  Now you can too!

11:45am - 12:15pm
Omnichannel retailing: 9 ways to provide the experience your customers expect, Stage 5, EXPO Hall, Level 3

Are you really offering the omnichannel experience your customers want? In a recent global survey of retailers, 50% of respondents said it’s too hard to adapt their legacy systems and processes to omnichannel supply chain needs.  In this session, Generix Group offers 9 ways to overcome the top challenges.

The relation between data and the customer experience, Stage 1, EXPO Hall, Level 1

The driving force of much of today’s retail transformation lies in the hands of the hyper-connected consumer. Retail is no longer centered on products but focused more on the customer and their experiences. So how can data play a role in the customer experience? In this session, Ian Holland, Vice President of ACCEO Retail-1 will explain how retailers can significantly increase sales and offer superior experiences by leveraging a unified data universe.

The wellness revolution, Consumer behavior in a new retail era, Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Wellness is taking shape as a major trend transforming the consumer markets for leading retailers and brands.  This transformation has been led by changing consumer preferences; the emergence of unique influencers and the power of social media; demographic shifts mandating an authentic brand promise, trust and radical transparency; the innovation of new entrants; and the remaking of strategies for legacy brands.  
Join Steve Barr, PwC Consumer Markets Leader, for a conversation featuring the unique voices of an athlete and an entrepreneur that will help make actionable sense of this mega trend.

Boost ROI from your commerce platform with content driven experience, Stage 1, EXPO Hall, Level 1

In this session, learn how Urban Decay was able to expand into new global markets (South America and Europe), double the size of its website by introducing the “UD All Access” site, increase page views by 258%, and increase site entrances by 1600%. Implementing an enterprise-class content management system (CMS) with its commerce platform enabled Urban Decay to simplify the management of personalized content and localization processes to support its globalization goals and deliver the localized and seamless experiences that their customers expect.

Mountain Khaki's:  using a CDP to transform customer acquisition and retention,Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Mountain Khakis used a Customer Data Platform to create a 360 customer view from eCommerce, retail and marketing data providing insight into purchase patterns, lifetime value and product preferences and level up their marketing results.  The result?  An unprecedented view of customer value distribution transforming their understanding of who their best customers are, and how to grow their business.

The pursuit of true 1-to-1 marketing personalization, Stage 4, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Data creates opportunities for retailers to transform their business and leverage their understanding of each individual customer. As data collection becomes an industry standard, proper data optimization is facilitated through improved technologies that emphasize each customer’s experience.

True Fit’s Director of Brand Relations, Sarah Hodge, and ASICS America's Head of Digital Commerce, Sean Condon will discuss how to bring target audiences, consumer purchasing patterns, fit consistency and returns performance into one aggregated view, to provide superior experiences across all touchpoints of the shopping journey.

Order Management's role in omnichannel transformation, Stage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3

Retailers continue to struggle transforming from multichannel thinking and approaches to true integrated omnichannel strategies and execution. This presentation, featuring Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research, will review the four pillars of omnichannel success and the role of digitization. Order Management is a critical part of that journey, driving flexible fulfillment excellence, and impacting the top and bottom lines. Includes a case study on how one leading omnichannel retailer has used order management to support its growth strategies, improve the customer experience, and reduce operating costs.

Leveraging AI to predict demand and drive just in time operations,Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

Automated machine learning has led to a regime change from agile business operation to “just-in-time” operation - the ability for a business to use improved forecasts to go from concept to consumer (material sourcing, production, marketing, shipping, etc.) at exactly the right time. The presentation will begin with an overview of recent news stories, and highlight specifically how AI can improve demand forecasting and drive just-in-time operations for modern retailers.

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