[WEBINAR + PRESENTATION] Data and AI, the best marketing practices to ensure the success of your sales

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Aug 25, 2020 1:24:26 PM

Charlotte Le Bonniec and Antoine Bouchard, both of whom are Customer Success Managers for Advalo speak in this webinar about :

"Data, AI and Individualized Marketing: Best Marketing Practices to Ensure the Success of Your Sales"

Find in this article, the entire webinar in video.

Guided by Artificial Intelligence that fully leverages CRM and digital consumer data, retailers can implement individualized marketing action plans and trigger relevant, effective and value-generating campaigns.

Through concrete and successful examples implemented by our client brands such as BUT, Devred, Morgan, Eram, Gemo, Bocage, UJA, Cache-Cache, Bonobo, Catimini, ... discover how the marketing teams have been able to boost the impact of their campaigns, in particular by achieving : 

  • Capitalize on customer knowledge to recruit the individuals who will become their top Sales buyers

  • Individualize the relationship with their customers, by identifying the right pretenses to engage them at all points of contact.

  • Transform purchase intentions of their on-site visitors, detecting and guiding them in the most relevant way to conversion

Watch the webinar video below:


View the presentation here


Topics: Predictive Marketing, AI &Data, individualized marketing

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