[REPLAY - WEBINAR] : How to capitalize on customer value to find sustainable growth

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Mar 4, 2020 5:40:57 PM

As part of its series of conferences "Generating traffic in points of sale", Le Campus invited David Le Douarin, co-founder of Advalo for a webinar focused on the theme: "How to develop customer value to find growth sustainable. "

In this article, find the entire webinar on video.

What if your best customers were not who you thought they were ? 

Distinguishing between “opportunistic” customers, who are only motivated sales and discounted items, and those who are the real sources of value and business, whether in store or on the e-commerce website has become a major challenge for the sustainability of a brand.

By showing concrete examples, find out how to focus your efforts on the customers who really matter to your brand and how to leverage data and artificial intelligence to sustainably increase their value through 5 best data-driven practices:

  • Identify the customers with the highest value in the CRM database

  • Recruit the people who will bring the most value in the future

  • Activate customers to increase their value, by exploiting new digital contact points and identify the best pretexts to recruit them at the right time

  • Detect and qualify purchase intentions of on-site visitors

  • Optimize conversion with the most relevant personalized recommendations


Watch the video of the Webinar right now, english subtitles are included:





Also discover David Le Douarin's column: "Focus on Customer Value to re-establish sustainable growth."



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