[CLIENT TESTIMONIAL] Identify and prioritize the most value-generating marketing actions: Bocage

Written by Zoé Baillieux on May 29, 2019 10:25:15 AM

Using Advalo's analysis of the Bocage database and its evolution over time. Bocage marketing teams were able to identify priority strategies to adapt to generate maximum additional revenue for future seasons.

One of the marketer's first challenges is to know what strategies will enable them to achieve their objectives. It was a need of the brand that had no concrete analysis of its customer database and faced difficulty in perceiving which marketing activations would actually be the most value-generating. 

Advalo proposed Bocage a four-step procedure:

Advalo first performed a “season-to-season" segmentation based on transactional data of Bocages’ database in order to restore the weight and contribution of each segment to the overall turnover of the brand.

Second step, Advalo calculated a matrix which noted movements realized by individuals within different segments and in doing so discovered the most possible optimization tracks.

Third phase, optimization hypotheses were made to estimate their financial impact on future seasons.

Example: if the repurchase rate for new customers or retention of best customers is optimized by 3% ... what financial impacts can be expected next season? And for seasons to come?

Finally, strategic priorities were identified with respect to financial impact projections as well as marketing efforts deployed to achieve these objectives.

In addition to enabling activations, segments resulting from the "Seasonal" analysis can be used directly when setting audiences and makes it easier to carry out relevant choices in terms of activation channels and messages in order to implement specific relationship scenarios according to the different segments.   


Topics: Retail, Use Case, Webinar

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