Predictive marketing platform for retailers and the auto industry.

Written by Zoé Baillieux on May 27, 2019 3:43:10 PM

Advalo is an individual marketing platform for retailers and the automotive industry.

While buying channels and points of contact are numerous, Advalo enables brands to acquire
an omnichannel vision of each consumer and detect key moments during the purchasing
journey. Advalo enables retailers to develop a lasting and individualized relationship with their
customers and find their true role as a merchant.

How does it work?

By reconciling behavioral data collected on the internet and from client CRM databases.
Then, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and more than 40 predictive models, the
platform transforms these data into immediately actionable consumer insights.

Advalo works with more than 30 partners (AB Tasty, Criteo, DSP, Splio ...), which means it can
integrate perfectly with a brands existing ecosystem. An improved understanding of their
customers enables brands to send customers messages on all points of contact (email, SMS,
Facebook, and Google retargeting, etc.) at the most opportune moments while ensuring
coherence. An approach that also limits marketing pressure, based on the consumer's time and
no longer the brand’s (new collections, sales, destocking).

For example, a customer who has prepared their purchase online and finalized their purchase in
a store, will not receive promotional messages once they have completed their purchase: the

messages will be sent during the preparatory phase on the most appropriate channel, detected
by the platform, and are consistent with the navigation data and buying habits of the customer.

The Advalo platform benefits both consumers and brands:

For the consumer, this means an end to pollutant and intrusive mass marketing, and towards a
mutually beneficial relationship ensuring quality and service.

As for retailers, they can measure the impact of their digital actions on their store sales, and
allocate more precise marketing budgets, by focusing on the most relevant levers and clients
who are the most inclined to purchase.

Topics: Predictive Marketing, AI &Data, individualized marketing

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