Predictive Marketing: How to anticipate customer behavior.

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 4, 2020 10:41:09 AM

David Le Douarin, co-founder of Advalo appeared on Mobility TV alongside Jocelyn Denis (Digitaleo), David Descottes (Izmo France) and Bérislav Kovasevic (Solution VO). 

David Le Douarin goes on to say how the company Advalo has observed and identified a problem within automotive dealerships today surrounding store traffic and how it was necessary to respond to this. The answer is to move away from mass marketing and switch to individualized marketing.

Instead of speaking to customers at any given moment, the dealership has to propose the customer information which is relevant and pertinent, if this is accomplished the client is more inclined to be receptive to the automotive brand’s marketing efforts. The challenge is to understand how and where marketing efforts should be concentrated and focused. This is the positive axis car distributors and customers intersect, potential customers should be solicited during the moment they are effectively ready to engage in a relationship.

Rendering the data intelligent through predictive marketing and algorithms allows Advalo to detect consumer appetency.

This is exactly what Advalo is working with the Jean Rouyer and Bodemer Group to accomplish. Advalo has worked with these automotive brands to consolidate their data to detect signals of purchase intention so the platform can present new leads to the sales team.

The different themes covered during the show are those of Predictive Marketing, especially in the automotive market:

-How to anticipate consumer behavior?
-What are the advantages this technology provides and/or drawbacks?
-Are French dealerships ready to take on the challenges of predictive ?
-Are customers ready to be targeted ? 

Find all these topics in the video below: 





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