Parisian Data Marketing Fair 2018

Written by Thibaut PIRIOU LE LAN on Feb 1, 2019 2:03:47 PM

Advalo’s teams went to the Data Marketing fair November 20th and 21st at the Cité de la Mode
and Design in Paris. This article will inform you of the highlights and the main insights Advalo’s
teams retained.




1)GDPR: The new regulation that worries marketers
The GDPR raises many questions for marketers. GNRX, Data Legal Drive and the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty have reneged on the constraints and opportunities that the new legislation represents. It appears that better customer knowledge and better targeting are part of the objectives of respect for each customer and that of the reduction of Marketing pressure against them.

2) Customer Experience and omnichannel vision of the consumer journey
For several years now, the customer experience has been the guiding principle of the marketing departments of large groups. Maif, Orange and Natixis explained to us how the omnichannel vision of the purchasing journey was essential in the implementation of a successful customer experience.

3) Personalization and Customer Value
Customer value is one of the main KPIs that CRM departments looks at. Macif, La Croix, Kiss the Bride and Bouygues Telecom shared their best practices on marketing performance optimization through personalization.

4) The importance of DQM in setting up a data driven strategy
The effectiveness of tools using Big Data and AI largely depends on the quality of data on which they base their analysis. Jahia spoke of the importance of Data Quality Management in setting up a Data Driven strategy.

5) AI and data supporting sales price optimization
Brennus Analytics and Pricemoov, two players offering dynamic pricing solutions, presented tools to optimize sales prices via AI.

6) Machine learning, the new essential tool for segmentation and targeting
Segmentation and targeting are two practices which lie at the heart of each company's marketing strategy. With the wealth of data that has been generated ever since the emergence of digital, it is now necessary to use powerful tools to be able to process this volume of data. AI and machine learning make it possible to refine the analysis of these data in order to offer a more and more granular segmentation. Sysk and Dataiku presented the importance of machine learning in the implementation of data analysis models.

7) Behavioral predictions: Data, the key element of a successful loyalty strategy

Finally, the Data Marketing Fair also highlighted the propensity of companies to turn to predictive marketing. Air France KLM, Gfi Informatique, Olympique Lyonnais and Peclers Paris shared their methods for better predicting future behavior of its customers.


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