More on the AI and Society conference organized by Turing Club X Viuz

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jul 25, 2019 2:32:32 PM

Thursday, July 4th in Paris, was held the first edition of the conference IA and Society organized by the association of the Turing Club and Viuz.

The aim of the conference was to introduce for the first time, at the heart of the debates, an exchange between actors in the data business (from data science to data marketing) and a wider public of politicians, researchers, philosophers, artists , journalists ...

Understanding the challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Why is it necessary to address societal issues when discussing the topic of artificial intelligence?

Data and AI in the broad sense are too often in the hands of experts, but it is imperative that the general public take cognizance of the various societal issues raised by IA, whether in terms of ethics, democracy , law or work. The conference IA is a company was therefore the opportunity to address these topics and initiate exchanges between philosophers, teachers, industry or lawyers.

Among the distinguished guests present during this morning of conference, we had the chance to listen to Alain Bensoussan (lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Paris), Michel Puech (philosopher at the Sorbonne), Vincent Perrin (AI Technical leader at Watson IBM), Gaspard Koening (philosopher, Writer, President GénérationLibre), Samir Amellal (CDO La Redoute), or Eric Sadin (poet and philosopher author of Artificial Intelligence or the stake of the century).


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