M-commerce - A valuable bargaining tool

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jun 7, 2019 10:58:22 AM

In 2019, mobile sales will equate to 20.386 billion euros, of which 12.7 million euros for smartphones and 7.6 billion for tablets.

RetailmeNot, the publisher of the sites MaReduc and Poulpeo, has just issued its latest report with Center for Retail Research (CRR) on the numbers and trends of E-Commerce and M-Commerce in France.

Mobile will continue driving growth for E-commerce

Mobile has found its place in the purchasing journey of French customers. Each year, it alone accounts for a large part of the growth in e-commerce.

In 2019, mobile sales will amount to 20.386 billion euros, including 12.7 billion euros on smartphones, and 7.6 billion for tablets according to the study.

At the expense of other screens, like the PC or tablet, mobile is continually increasing in scale for online shopping, through the numerous applications and adapted websites.

Its role is becoming essential and indispensable for users before and during the act of purchase.

Retailers have to take customers mobile purchasing journey into account this 2019.

A decisive factor in the purchase decision

Mobile phones are largely used by the French population before the act of purchase. They use this tool to compare prices between stores, and online sites (69%), exchange with their entourage to ripen their thoughts on a product (67%), or to search for available offers that allow them to find a product at the fairest price ( 61%).

Mobile is a channel often used to search for the best deals and to assure oneself that they have found a good deal in-store and online.

The choice of buying online is gradually becoming second nature to most French, as 19% of French mobile users prefer to buy online rather than in the same retailer store.

Additionally, only 20% of French mobile shoppers consult a product in a store, they prefer to confirm their purchase online with different brands that offer an identical product at a more competitive price.


A valuable bargaining tool

Mobile phone usage is a purchasing tool which is gradually coming into use in French daily life.

Digital coupons are rapidly evolving and allow customers to take advantage of more substantial reductions than paper coupons.

The study shows that 25% of French people used digital coupons in 2018. These coupons saved an average of 106 € over the year per person.

The development of smartphones has radically transformed the purchasing journey for retailers, thereby placing omnichannel at the heart of brands’ strategies.

Today smartphones provide consumers with an indispensable tool to think, verify and validate purchases that fulfill exact expectations at the fairest price.

Mobile shopping has made it easier for consumers to juggle various channels to learn, buy and customize their shopping experience according to their own preferences. The line between online and in-store shopping has never been so thin.

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