Frenchweb Interview : The evolution of data usage and predictive marketing in the retail and automotive sectors

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 4, 2020 11:01:16 AM

Olivier Marc, Advalo co-founder and CEO gave an interview to Frenchweb.


Interview Olivier Marc Frenchweb

Oliver Marc goes on to say how Advalo helps retailers to increase their sales by transforming the way they engage their consumers using data. Today, because of data, we can generate more in-store traffic by stimulating more effectively, we can increase the transformation rate of intending buyers who show an interest in your products. 

"We can acquire more profitable customers, while, and I insist on this, respecting the consumer in a much more adequate way than what is done today."

This interview marked the opportunity to speak about Advalo's core business: predictive marketing, but also to tackle subjects specific to fast-growing companies, namely the challenges of expansion in foreign markets, strengthening of the R&D team or the company's vision for the coming years.

Patrick Randall who conducted the interview brought up a matter that concerns every marketer: The evolution of data throughout the world.



Find the full video interview by clicking here.



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