Individualized marketing for the restaurant industry

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Mar 29, 2020 12:37:24 PM

Faced with the urgent need to make their voices heard and maintain a relationship with volatile consumers, to whom an ever-increasing choice is offered, restaurant chains have understood the need to extricate themselves from mass marketing that no longer works. By leveraging artificial intelligence to harness consumer data and apply it to personalized marketing campaigns, they can truly individualize customer relationships, build loyalty and increase value over the long term. 

Recruit individuals who will become your best customers

Artificial intelligence explores your data and designs the best audience for a custom "look-alike" campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Google networks and allows you to recruit your future best customers.

Socio-demographic profile, purchasing behavior, basket composition…
AI identifies hundreds of characteristics common to many of the best customers in your database

It leverages these insights to build an audience, shared with all your media partners, who then target the profiles of "twin" individuals who make up the audience. 

These profiles are requested with specific content that aims to have them discover your most recruiting offers, which are identified using a qualification model.  

By excluding your existing clients from your recruitment audiences, you avoid spending unnecessary funds on clients who have already been won over. 

Capitalize on customer knowledge to develop customer loyalty 

Customize your topic-related newsletters

Capitalize on AI to individualize your newsletters and combine audience relevance with product recommendation impact: you strengthen the relationship with your customers and boost their responsiveness. 

Increase the reach of your customer loyalty program on social networks 

Encourage customers who are members of your loyalty program to take full advantage of the benefits available to them by highlighting the discount they receive on social networks

On Facebook or Instagram you can speak to your customers who are not contactable by e-mail or who are not reactive to your classic campaigns. 

Reconnect with your inactive customers through personalized content 

Inspire your customers who haven't placed an order in a long time by presenting them with highly personalized product recommendations

Applying a "churn" qualification model detects at-risk individuals. 

Artificial intelligence models leverage different types of data to identify the most relevant product recommendations for each individual included in the audience : 

Adjust the content according to your customers' preferred times of purchase 

Thanks to AI-enriched customer knowledge, you can build differentiated audiences and adapt messages according to the times your customers buy your products

The "purchase temporality" qualification model analyzes the transactional data related to your customers to detect temporalities in their consumption.  

It allows you to pinpoint populations of individuals who exclusively buy your products at certain times of the day

Detect and monitor the purchase intentions of your customers as they visit your site  

Through the use of a scoring model, artificial intelligence detects and qualifies the purchase intentions of your website visitors and gives you all the keys to guide them in a relevant way up to their purchase.

Individualize your e-mail reminders 

Post-navigation rebond, abandoned basket reminder... stimulate each intending buyer with relevant information by sending him/her a personalized email according to the product that has piqued his/her interest and leverage on recommendation models to propose him/her the product that is closest to his/her preferences.  

Product recommendation models analyze your data to identify the products most likely to appeal to each individual. 

Be present where they build their purchase decision

Think omnichannel! By creating an audience of your intending buyers, you can target them on Google and social networks to be able to reach them at the right times and where they build their purchase decision.   

- Use strategic keywords in relation to the products that your target audience is looking for.

- Align the budget allocated to your intending buyers’ customer target and manage your CPA

- Find them on Facebook and Instagram to be present throughout the decision-making process, on points of contact where marketing pressure is less felt.

Personalize their browsing experience on your website 

Whether they are logged in or not, track your customers when they visit your site and offer them a browsing experience suited to their preferences

- Capitalize on on-site personalization to highlight the products that interest each individual during his or her visit. 

- To encourage them to make a purchase, propose product recommendations based on their profiles and on the browsing behaviors observed during their previous visits.


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