[CLIENT TESTIMONY] Gemo personalizes communications with their customers according to the key moments of their customer journey: + 25% conversion rate

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Aug 6, 2019 4:02:19 PM

In order to personalize the relationship with each of its customers, the ready-to-wear brand Gemo set up via the Advalo platform, personalization devices that allow them to speak to each customer during key moments of their purchase journey, with offers and tailored content.

Find below feedback from François Aspe, E-Commerce and Client Marketing Director for Eram and Bocage, recorded at the ERAM Group x Advalo webinar.

By being able to detect and analyze (through data reconciliation enabled by the platform), the browsing behaviors of customers when they visit its website, Gemo’s teams can identify individuals in search of a product and identify those of particular interest to them.

Customers who have navigated to product pages without making a purchase can be targeted individually via a personalized post-navigation recovery email. Thanks to the predictive marketing models included in the Advalo platform, each targeted individual is automatically offered product recommendations most likely to cause them to convert.

Data Reconciliation and web-to-store journey knowledge also made it possible to adapt the emails sending date to the preparation time of the purchase, assuring an optimal calibration and a coherence in campaign timing.


After 2 and a half months of testing the platform, the Gemo teams saw a positive 25% incremental conversion rate of customers targeted by these personalized campaigns.


“In two months, we have a plateform that works and that allows us to get additional incremental sales turnover "” 


Individualized campaigns have also been deployed by Gemo to communicate to customers who have made a recent purchase.

By analyzing and comparing all customer data, the platform was also able to identify products acquired by individuals who purchased the benchmark product.

These products, which are therefore most likely to interest the customer have been highlighted in emails sent post-purchase via personalized recommendations.

Excerpt from the ERAM Group x Advalo webinar


NEWS - August 2019

After 6 months of successful POC, we are pleased to announce our continued support of the brand Bocage in the implementation of individual marketing, generating traffic and turnover in-stores.

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