Food : How to switch to Individualized Marketing to retain customers?

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Mar 2, 2020 4:32:07 PM

Home delivery, order terminals at points of sale, click and collect .... the restaurant sector has been very shaken up by digital. This has completely transformed the customer journey and their purchasing habits. Restaurant professionals now have access to much more data on their consumers than a decade ago. In this highly competitive sector, it is now essential for restaurateurs to understand precisely customer consumption habits in order to meet their needs and desires as closely as possible.


Advalo applies individualized marketing for restaurateurs to keep customers loyal to the brand, by increasing purchase frequency and the average basket. Our platform also allows you to lower your acquisition costs based on the profiles of your base customers within your database.


Here are the 5 steps to be completed by any restaurant professional who wishes to set up an omnichannel individualized marketing strategy.




1 Obtain a unified vision of the customer journey through the reconciliation of on and offline data 

Not a day goes by without us hearing about "omnichannel" and "personalization". The 2 terms have become the watchwords and mottos of all Marketing and digital departments. However, if the implementation of a real omnichannel and individualized strategy is indeed a major issue, it can only be achieved if we precisely know the customer journey.

Thanks to the reconciliation of online behavioral data and offline CRM data, the Advalo platform allows you to obtain a unified vision of the purchasing journey of your customers, and therefore accurately assess the impact of your digital campaigns on traffic and turnover generated in restaurants.


2 : Improve customer knowledge with data and AI

Through the exploitation of data via the use of artificial intelligence, it is now possible for restaurateurs to better understand customer activity. AI makes it possible to identify "clusters" of customers according to their behavior and to segment your database according to the different types of customers.

This improved knowledge allows you to better understand the consumption habits of your customers: favorite dishes, time of purchase (weekend/week, evening/noon), the context of purchase (work, dinner with friends, etc.). These insights are particularly useful for using the right pretenses for communicating and for adapting marketing messages to the times where products and or services are consumed.

By segmenting your database according to the typologies of your customers, Advalo allows you to know the value of your customers and to identify the strategic segments within your CRM database. The identification of these segments then makes it possible to determine which marketing activations generate the most value.


3 Increase your speaking ability by contacting your customers on digital

By digitizing its database, which means, obtaining a unified vision of the purchasing journey both on the web and in stores, a restaurant chain becomes able to address its customers and prospects where they are: email, SMS, Google search or even on social networks. When you know that a digital customer has 1.6 times more value than a customer who cannot be contacted on digital, it seems essential for restaurateurs to extend their speaking ability on digital.

4 Develop high value customer acquisition

Many restaurant chains spend a considerable budget on acquiring new customers, without differentiating campaigns according to the future value of these customers.

By capitalizing on customer data, Advalo makes it possible to recruit lookalikes of its best customers on identified priority segments, as well as to exclude known customers from its conquest campaigns. This acquisition strategy makes it possible to focus its marketing efforts on long-term profitable results and to reduce acquisition costs while maintaining the company's activity.


5 Achieve brand loyalty and increase repurchase rate through personalized communications

One of the main challenges of any business operating in a competitive sector such as the restaurant industry is to retain customers while preserving its brand image.

Thanks to the Advalo platform, you will now be able to personalize your on-site and digital communication in real-time and takes into account customer purchasing history. Individualized communication is made possible thanks to the recognition of connected or non-connected visitors and is essential to build brand loyalty and generate upsell.


Do you want to find out how our client Côté Sushi generated more than 1.2 million incremental turnover in less than 12 months by switching to individualized marketing?


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