New Retail KPIs: Why knowledge of the omnichannel journey is the new key to understanding performance

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 25, 2020 3:51:11 PM

The knowledge of the omnichannel journey is the new key to understanding performance of any retail brand because without this knowledge, it is impossible to measure the impact of its digital actions on store sales, and therefore to finely manage all of its acquisition costs.

The first step in setting up an omni-channel strategy is to conduct a web to store study, in order to better understand the shopping journey of its customers.

This study id simple and easy to set up will allow to: 

  • measure ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) to demonstrate the impact of digital on in-store sales

  • to understand purchasing paths and levers that bring customers to the store
  • to identify the short-term actions that generate the most traffic and sales in the store

Example of a part of the web to store study carried out for our client BUT:

visuel W2S

The findings of this study allowed BUT to adapt the timing of its marketing actions to the average preparation time and the number of visits (personalized emails of recovery after 3 visits, and 8 days after the 1st visit ....)


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The web-to-store study also highlights the purchase intentions detected on the website and the products actually purchased in stores. Here is the example of the study conducted for one of our customers in the ready-to-wear sector:


These findings allow adapting marketing campaigns with adapted product recommendations: most "recruiting" products, products that generate the most store traffic, cross-selling products ... and this store by store. Indeed, the products most seen and bought in Lille are not the same as in Lyon.


The key benefits of this study : the measurement of the impact of digital on store sales and the definition of concrete and geolocalised marketing action plan

This Web-to-Store survey allows you to measure the impact of each digital action on your store CA: did this personalized campaign generate sales in the store? At what moment? Are the products presented the products purchased? What is the value of a web-to-store versus a store customer?

So many questions that you can answer with Advalo.

Do you want to improve your knowledge of your customers' journey? Contact us now to see together the main elements of the study and the benefits to be derived for your activity.


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