[VIDEO Interview] Côté Sushi generates 1.2 million euros in additional turnover in 12 months thanks to Advalo

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Dec 16, 2019 3:19:42 PM

Discover the interview with Emmanuel Taib founding CEO of Côté Sushi. He shares his feedback gained in the use of Advalo and explains how the platform has enabled the group to generate more than 1.2 million euros in incremental turnover, in less than 12 months.



Founded in 2008, the Côté Sushi restaurant brand offers its customers sushi in situ, at all its 28 points of sale in France, via take-out or delivery. Facing increasing competition in the food sector, Coté Sushi engaged the services of Advalo to develop customer loyalty, increase purchase frequencies and acquire new customers through digital. Assessment acquired from 12 months of collaboration.


Develop customer loyalty and increase purchase frequencies


By calling on Advalo, the Côté Sushi brand expressed interest in developing its customer knowledge and taking whatever actions deemed necessary to do so and increase average order value and purchase frequencies. Thanks to the Advalo platform, 36% of the customer database was reconciled in terms of customers for whom the brand possessed a unified vision of their online and in-store customer journey.

This knowledge enabled the brand to set up a series of personalized campaigns, corresponding to the different types of customers. Through the reconciliation of its database, Côté Sushi was able to prepare different customer segments: depending on purchase temporality (weekends, evenings or at noon on weekdays), or simply buying habits. These segmentations were used to send customized and actionable campaigns to each of the brand's customers, thereby significantly increasing conversion rates usually noted on classic campaigns without personalization.

Moreover, campaigns run with the Advalo individualized marketing platform are automated, which saved time and productivity for the Côté Sushi marketing teams. In 12 months of collaboration, the brand was able to generate 1.2 million in incremental turnover.

Develop future best customer acquisition in new catchment areas


Before the start of the collaboration, campaigns were conducted solely on the brand’s existing customer base. Today, Advalo supports Côté Sushi in the growth of its business, by conducting acquisition campaigns in new catchment areas. Advalo’s platform will ensure the brand more accurately targets profiles similar to its best customers, and those who may be interested in the opening of new restaurants.

Coté Sushi can now address its customers and prospects wherever they are: email, SMS, Google search or even on social networks. Through improved customer knowledge, acquisition campaigns are better targeted and generate more value in the long term. "The Advalo platform is a solution that is intuitive, efficient and scalable, the results speak for themselves.” -Emmanuel Taib, founder of Côté Sushi


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