Brands and what they are facing with the modern day client

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jul 17, 2019 2:07:01 PM

While brands are increasing their efforts to achieve customer loyalty, it seems that the expectations of the latter are becoming increasingly complex.


According to a report published by Salesforce, today's customers are hard to deal with about how they want to communicate with a brand, about the values it defends, or about its ability to innovate …

Salesforce has just released the third edition of its State of the Connected Customer report, which reveals that companies must not only rethink the experiences they offer their customers, but also review their overall approach to customer engagement.


The values they embody also take on unprecedented importance in consumers' decisions to buy or not to buy their products or services.

Real time is here ...

Consumer standards of engagement have changed.

66% of them want companies to communicate with them in real time, and 36% have a preference for chat support online or live.

In France, half of the respondents (50%) believe that companies must transform their modes of interaction with them.

On all possible channels

Today, they expect to encounter connected experienced (57%), that are dynamic, personalized and quickly accessible experiences on a variety of touch points.

Finally, 59% of them generally feel they are communicating with different departments instead of one and the same company.

Ethics as a criterion of choice

This year, for the first time, the survey reveals that clients expect organizations to demonstrate an ethical way of doing business and to care about the interests of their communities.

For two-thirds of French people (66%), the ethics of a company counts more today than a year ago.

Brands must also promote consumer causes: nearly half of respondents (48%) knowingly turn to companies that show generosity, and 63% to organizations that respect the environment.

Trust as a prerequisite

Trust is a parameter that is becoming increasingly important in an era of security and data privacy flaws.

However, 66% of French respondents believe that most companies are not transparent about the use they make of their customers' data. 46% think they do not care about the security of their customers' data.

Overall, honesty, security, reliability, transparency and ethics are the benchmarks for French customers.

In the event of default, the consequences can be severe: 64% of respondents say that they have stopped making purchases from a brand that has committed acts that betray consumer confidence.

Customers look for innovation

69% of French customers want companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.

Digital transformation initiatives focused on artificial intelligence, voice commands and other connected objects are increasingly having an impact on the customer experience: 40% of respondents say they trust brands to use AI in a beneficial way.

Four out of five millennials (80%) use a connected accessory, compared to only 45% of baby boomers. 39% of French Millennials have in mind an example of using AI in their daily lives.

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