BFM: Advalo: "Our profession is individualized marketing"

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 4, 2020 11:48:02 AM

David Le Douarin, co-founder of Advalo gave an interview to Good Morning Business a show on the private French radio station BFM Business. This interview conducted on Friday 10 November 2017 was presented by Stéphane Soumier. 

Advalo specializes in individualized marketing for the retail sector. It allows brands to offer their customers an individualized message at the right time. According to David Le Douarin, the challenge is to understand where the consumer is in their customer journey and to be able to move from mass marketing to individualized marketing. Advalo helps retailers to increase their sales by transforming the way they engage their consumers using data. Today, because of data, Advalo can generate more in-store traffic by stimulating more effectively and can increase the transformation rate of intending buyers who show an interest in your products.

Find the full interview below by clicking here 

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