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Written by Zoé Baillieux on Aug 22, 2019 12:56:56 PM

Private Sales is considered a key event in the automotive industry and can be an effective means to reconnect with your customers and reward them by inviting them to take advantage of exclusive offers. In order to maximize the success of these events, it is essential to be able to clearly assess one's database and detect a target clientele of potential buyers to reactivate.

To help boost your Private Sales, Advalo leverages your data and enhances it with Artificial Intelligence by transforming them into immediately actionable insights.

Within your data exists your future Private Sales leads

The key success factor for Private Sales depends on your ability to identify qualified leads within your base and activate them over a short period of time to encourage them to make an appointment at your dealership. To help boost your Private Sales, Advalo leverages your data and enhances it with Artificial Intelligence by transforming them into immediately actionable insights.

The Advalo platform accompanies and guides marketers, from the definition of precise and complex audiences that are impossible for the human to autonomously define, to the most income-generating activations via individualized campaigns.

The platform and its predictive models will identify individuals who are most likely to be interested in your Private Sales and will customize each communication, regardless of the points of contact.


We have identified 4 levers that will optimize the success of your Private Sales: 


1 - Identify individuals within your CRM database who are likely to enter the vehicle-renewal phase and engage them in your Private Sales.

Advalo's algorithms analyze all of your available customer data to determine general characteristics that are indicators of an imminent vehicle change.

For example, the "Mileage Estimation" model will determine the estimated mileage of the vehicle owned by each customer; a variable among correlated hundreds, such as the end date of a bank loan, the recent acquisition of a driving license or first job, the birth of a child or moving to a rural area ...

 Once the "ideal profile" is formed, the platform identifies individuals who are most likely to enter vehicle-renewal phase and gathers them within a target audience. This information is transmitted to your sales teams who can then directly contact each customer to confirm their renewal project.

This audience can also be targeted in the context of personalized campaigns: Thanks to the implementation of recommendation models for auto, like the "Vehicle Similarity" model, the platform can identify, among the stock of vehicles available in Private Sales, those who are closest to the one currently owned by the targeted individual and that will be pushed in recommendations.


2 - Qualify intending buyers on your Private Sales website and engage them in real time

The platforms machine learning algorithms analyze in real-time individuals browsing on the Private Sales website. Thanks to its intention scoring model, the platform assigns a score to each individual with regard to their browsing behavior (page views, configuration, bookmarking, time spent ...). This score reflects their purchase intention and its intensity: the higher it is, the stronger the intention.

In parallel, Advalo AI also identifies the vehicle that seems to most interest the individual, as well as all information and criteria related to their research.

Thanks to the platform's native connection with all on-site customization solutions on the market, the navigation experience of each intending buyer can be individualized by displaying a pop-in whose content is personalized with the detected vehicle of interest.


3 - Keep and coordinate an individualized relationship all throughout the decision-making process, on all points of contact

One of the challenges of Private Sales is to succeed in effectively converting leads over a short period of time. This requires guiding the reflection process of the individual by punctuating their decision-making process with relevant and impacting messages, on all possible points of contact.

Using knowledge garnered from an enriched customer knowledge through the reconciliation of your online and offline data and their valuation by Artificial Intelligence, the Advalo platform allows you to engage your Private Sales leads in individualized nurturing cycles that will cultivate customers purchase intention in all accuracy, this cycle continues to appointments made in your car dealership.

E-mail, display, Facebook, Google ... data reconciliation within the platform opens access to new points of contact with your customers and allows you to communicate with them where they are.

You can take the floor on all these channels in a personalized way by integrating each individuals vehicle of interest, but also, thanks to the model "Vehicle Similarity"  the platform can identify among the stock of vehicles available in Private Sales which is closest to the vehicle initially sighted.

4 - Prepare your next Private Sales by identifying the individuals who are most likely to participate

To help you prepare your upcoming Private Sales, you can now identify people who are most likely to participate through Facebook and Google networks acquisition campaigns.

By analyzing your database, the platform's algorithms identify hundreds of characteristics common to all individuals who have acquired a vehicle during Private Sales, or those who have registered to participate. From this ideal profile, a "look-alike" audience is formed, the profiles of "look-alike" individuals are targeted on social networks with an adapted message.

Individuals recruited via the registration form on the Private Sales website can be for example reactivated at the next Private Sales event.

Discover in this infographic the 4 levers to activate to boost your Private Sales 

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