Alphalyr and Advalo propose a joint offer to provide retail players with a 360° vision of the performance of their marketing actions.

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Aug 18, 2020 5:05:22 PM

Advalo, a predictive marketing solution, and Alphalyr, a performance management platform, are launching a technological partnership aimed at retailers to offer them an omni-channel vision of the performance of all their marketing actions. This joint offer, which has already won over many, provides a 360° analysis of the purchasing process. It enables retailers to manage acquisition levers as effectively as possible and to measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the turnover generated, whether offline or online.

A technological partnership to give retailers a complete vision of the customer journey.

By launching a joint offer, Advalo and Alphalyr enable retailers to activate their performance levers to the fullest. Retail players can thus benefit from an all-round view of their business and measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the revenue generated, whether offline or online.

Thanks to the connector developed by Advalo, customer information, including offline transactions carried out at the point of sale, is sent directly to Alphalyr's "Marketing Studio" software, thereby allocating a ROI to each conversion channel involved in omnichannel transactions. The software makes it possible to track and analyze each acquisition channel involved in a sale and to allocate the contribution of each performance lever, taking into account the transactions carried out both on the website and in each point of sale.

This offer gives retailers a complete view of the customer journey and enables them to better manage acquisition levers.

Allocate marketing budgets according to the most profitable actions

The Advalo platform makes it possible, for each individualized marketing campaign, to compare the performance of the campaign with a control group and to calculate, for each action launched, the incremental turnover.

The Alphalyr solution aggregates information on the performance of all campaigns launched by the retailer, including those of Advalo, and thus provides a global view of all marketing levers. Acting as a trusted third party, the solution provides accurate results on the retailers' overall sales activity.

The connector developed by Advalo and Alphalyr makes it possible to evaluate the channels that contributed to each sale, both online and offline. It acts in real time, with the help of a dashboard accessible by the marketing teams, making it possible to know each step of the customer's buying journey and to measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the generated turnover. The data managed by Advalo enhances the analysis of Alphalyr, which now has in-store sales data. This omni-channel vision provides a global view to retail players and enables marketing teams to better manage their acquisition levers by allocating marketing budgets according to the most profitable actions.

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