Alphalyr and Advalo join forces to offer retail players an all-inclusive view of the performance of their marketing actions

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Sep 8, 2020 12:18:19 PM

Advalo, a predictive marketing solution, and Alphalyr, a sales performance management platform, are launching a technological partnership aimed at retailers to offer them an omnichannel vision of the performance of each marketing action. This joint offer, which has already won over customers such as BUT and Phildar, provides a 360° analysis of the purchasing process. It enables retailers to better manage acquisition levers and measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the turnover generated, whether offline or online.

A technological partnership to give retailers a complete vision of the customer journey

This partnership enables the brands to activate their performance levers as effectively as possible. Retail players can now benefit from an omnichannel vision of their business and measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the revenue generated, whether offline or online. 

With the connector developed by Advalo, customer information related to offline transactions is sent directly to the Marketing Studio module of the Alphalyr suite. Alphalyr in this way can ascribe a ROI to each acquisition lever involved in omnichannel transactions.

As customer journey digitization accelerates, this offer enables retailers to reduce inefficient marketing expenses and deploy profitable campaigns in real time.

Focus marketing budgets on the most profitable actions

The Marketing Studio module of the Alphalyr suite aggregates information related to the performance of all the campaigns launched by the retailer and delivers a global view of all the marketing levers. Acting as a trusted third party, the solution provides accurate results on the retailers' overall sales activity. 

A dashboard enables marketing teams to visualize real-time data on the customer's buying journey and to measure the contribution of each marketing lever to the revenue generated. Offline transaction data, which generally represents 80% to 95% of a brand's global transactions, is provided by Advalo and enhances Alphalyr's analysis, which now includes in-store sales data.

This omni-channel vision provides retail players with a global view and enables marketing teams to better manage their acquisition levers by allocating marketing budgets according to the most profitable actions.

This partnership has already caught the eye of prestigious brands such as Phildar and BUT who want to attribute the right turnover to the right acquisition levers. 



About Advalo

Advalo is an individualized marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence to enable brands to move from mass marketing to a personalized approach that is more effective and respectful of the consumer. Thanks to the algorithms offered by the platform, brands can identify the most value-generating campaigns according to their objectives and make the most of their customer, CRM and digital data. By addressing relevant messages to each of their targets, brands recreate a long-lasting and reinforced bond with their customers.

With offices in Paris and Rennes, Advalo provides support to more than 40 specialized distribution brands such as But, Cyrillus, Cache-Cache, Devred, Degrenne and car brands and distributors such as Seat, Skoda, Jean Rouyer Automobiles. For the second consecutive year, Advalo has been awarded the Pass French Tech, which distinguishes innovative companies in hyper growth.


About Alphalyr

Alphalyr is a unified sales performance management platform dedicated to retailers. Through real-time analysis of digital, supply and retail, Alphalyr's AI engine unifies management action and provides the Codir and each manager, both online and offline, with the best actions to take to optimize sales and the brand's margin in real time. "Plug & Play", Alphalyr's engine also takes into account the weather, external events, competition and commercial operations.

Based in Paris, Alphalyr services more than 60 customers including BUT, Phildar, La Compagnie du Lit, Kusmi Tea, Sephora, San Marina, Bricomarché, Minelli, Boticinal, Intermarché…

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