AI for marketers: Capitalize on your CRM and digital data to optimize your SMS & mailing budgets for paper and catalogs

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jun 16, 2020 11:50:20 AM

As business resumes, retailers are faced with the urgent task of restoring their business to a viable situation and their marketing teams are facing drastic cuts in the budgets allocated to them. 

At a time when every euro counts and when ROI must be ensured, it has become more essential than ever to pay particular attention to optimizing the audiences targeted by each campaign deployed, especially for the SMS and Print channels, which often represent significant costs. 


Stop squandering funds on targeting individuals who won't be responsive.

Optimizing audiences means ensuring the best possible profitability for campaigns by avoiding wasting resources trying to talk to individuals who are not interested in the message expressed or enticed by the proposed product. 

By transforming CRM and digital data into real customer DNA, artificial intelligence and its qualification models allow brands to precisely calibrate the targeting of their marketing actions. The insights gained from AI provide customer knowledge that can be directly used to build action plans and target the most high-potential audiences. 

Far from full base and mass marketing, this enriched customer knowledge gives marketing teams the ability to reduce their SMS or Print mailings by focusing on individuals who will be truly responsive to their messages.  

In particular, the Advalo platform leverages three predictive models:

Ideal Product: the best audience for each product

By analyzing each individual's transactional and browsing data history, the Ideal Product recommendation template identifies the product(s) most likely to appeal to each consumer at that moment. Used for personalization purposes (for high impact product recommendations), it also allows you to refine campaign audiences based on product appetency.

The audience of an SMS or Print campaign dedicated to a specific product can, therefore, be optimized by being strictly limited to those individuals who are really interested in the product. 

Weather Qualification: differentiated audiences based on weather forecasts  

By correlating customer CRM data with weather forecast data, the Weather Qualification model can attribute to each individual the weather conditions (trends and temperatures) forecast for the coming days in his or her area of residence. 

Armed with these insights, retailers can differentiate their audiences so that each campaign and each product developed can be placed in a weather context specific to the targeted individuals. 

For example, a ready-to-wear retailer can avoid spending money unnecessarily by sending a campaign for waterproof raincoats to a customer who is expected to enjoy cloudless sunshine the following week... 


Purchase Sensitivity: differentiated audiences according to purchase motivations

The Purchase Sensitivity model analyzes customer transactional data in a CRM database to identify groups with distinct promotional behaviors. From the "sales addict", whose main motivation for buying is sales, to the "brand lover", who likes the brand and buys with or without discount, to the "early adopter" who is primarily attracted by new products, each individual can be integrated into a differentiated marketing scenario according to his or her appetency.

This qualification will, for example, give brands the means to target only those individuals who are most keen on promotion during strong promotional operations or, on the contrary, those who are most keen on products and novelties during product or new collection launches. 

By capitalizing on their data, retailers are now seeing the impact of precise and accurate targeting on costs, ROI and the quality of the relationship they have with their customers. Equipped with AI, marketing teams can be more relevant in the conception of their audiences and concretely optimize their SMS and Print budgets, in the long term.  

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