Agencies, firms: Develop your clients' omnichannel strategy to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Feb 25, 2020 3:36:48 PM

As an agency/firm, do you work with retailers, car manufacturers or distributors? Advalo can help you build an omnichannel data strategy for them and allow them to generate traffic and turnover at the point of sale.

Through artificial intelligence algorithms and innovative predictive models, the Advalo omnichannel platform:

  • Reconciles Online and Offline consumer data
  • Leverages this data, through innovative predictive models, to send messages to consumers that meet their wants and needs.

  • Enables retailers to deploy personalized marketing actions that generate the most revenue, at each point of contact in the customer journey.

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Advalo provides you with a global solution, which will allow you and your clients to:

  1. Prioritize their most value-generating marketing actions
  2. Improve the performance of their CRM actions
  3. Increase their speaking capacity with their online customers
  4. Measure the impact of their digital actions on turnover generated in stores
  5. Optimize the costs of acquiring their web traffic
  6. Improve the conversion of their web visitors to web or store buyers


Many agencies trust our platform to manage the marketing strategy of their customers. Why not you ?

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