3 tips to stand out in retail in 2019

Written by Zoé Baillieux on Jun 28, 2019 12:54:24 PM

What are the new fundamentals of retail? On the occasion of the French Preferred Brands
ceremony, organized by e-marketing.fr and EY Parthenon, the retail expert Frank Rosenthal
gave us three video tips to stand out in 2019.

How to succeed in retail in 2019? Make stores a place of pleasure and discovery, offer a
smooth and simple experience like GAFA at a time when the proliferation of DNVB (Digital
Native Vertical Brand) is making all products more accessible online. This is the opinion of
Frank Rosenthal, developed through three videos in a ceremony that awarded Decathlon as the
Preferred Brand of the French.

# 1 Rethink the role of stores

Despite digital, which can meet most customers needs, the store remains at the heart of the
shopping journey. Because it is a place of pleasure and learning explains the expert, who
encourages retailers to build on these notions.

# 2 Develop customer experience

Beyond the basic trio of trade (price, choice, service), the experience is a fourth essential
element under pressure from GAFA. Simplicity and fluidity are the order of the day, especially in

# 3 Breaking codes like DNVB

Finally, Frank Rosenthal cites various examples of Digital Native Vertical Brand, pure-players
launched online that try to incarnate in the physical world to the detriment of historical brands.

Three tips to stand out in retail in 2019
Article Written by Clément Fages, taken from ecommercemag.fr

Topics: Retail, Predictive Marketing

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